Chris evans and jessica biel dating

20-Oct-2017 03:04

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Dopo alcune apparizioni televisive in alcune serie tv, debutta in un piccolo ruolo nel film The Newcomers, successivamente si fa notare nella commedia Non è un'altra stupida commedia americana, dove mette in mostra anche la sua prestanza fisica, comparendo in una scena completamente nudo e ricoperto di panna montata.Seguono film come Perfect Score con Scarlett Johansson e Cellular con Kim Basinger Nel 2007, recita al fianco di Cillian Murphy in Sunshine di Danny Boyle, in seguito recita nel thriller poliziesco La notte non aspetta, con Keanu Reeves, e nel thriller soprannaturale Push, con Dakota Fanning e Camilla Belle.He added in his confession that most girls he had crushes on would be ones no one would expect. "I'm incredibly picky, but that doesn't mean I look for perfection," Chris shares on Playboy. I wish you could see some of the girls I have genuinely had crushes on in my life. My friends cannot figure out the girls that, for some reason, I fall for." Chris said that currently, he is enjoying the time being single wherein he could do whatever it is he wanted to do and not worry about someone feeling upset. Talking about Scarlett Johansson, her sexy co-star in the film, Chris said that the actress' best asset is her intelligence. By his looks and charm, it doesn't take much effort for him to score a nice date with a beautiful girl, but the 30-year-old actor decided to stick with his fickle taste. He used to date Diana Agron, Kate Bosworth, Jessica Biel, Gisele Bundchen, Emmy Rossum, Christina Ricci and Minka Kelly.The "Captain America" actor admits that although he is picky, he doesn't look for perfection.

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Although Chris Evans is considered one of the Hollywood hunks, he definitely is not a Hollywood playboy. The actor's past relationships is remarkably a set of beautiful women.To all of his characters Chris Evans added sincerity and this fact certainly captured the attention of critics and audience.

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