Lost interest in dating

03-Jan-2018 22:56

I don’t have many hobbies to focus on which is probably part of my problem. I used to have a happier more fulfilling life when I didn’t think so much about guys. ☺ The wisest among us are the ones who can acknowledge and understand another’s point of view.

And I’m sure being this desperate and needy probably scares them away. It doesn’t mean you’re going to change your mind entirely, but it means you have to be open to the possibility of a different truth.

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I completely agree with Evan, and I would add that life has lessons, and if we don’t learn them, they come back and knock you harder until you learn your lesson.

(Sorry.)It’s an ultra common scenario in the dating world.

You meet a guy and everything seems like it’s going great.

Also, if you feel exhausted or just mentally drained after a day spent together, it’s time to move on.

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Spending casual time together should not feel like an obligation.

Dates sometimes feel like job interviews and are equally as stressful. You’re walking on eggshells, trying to impress someone you don’t know very well, and hoping to be deemed good enough for the opening that was advertised.