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15-Nov-2017 10:20

Fifty percent of them look for a response within a week and if it's not forthcoming, they may take their business elsewhere.

Of the dissatisfied customers that post a complaint and receive a response, 46 percent were pleased and 22 percent went on to post a positive comment about the business.

That employee later expressed concern for her job, should she share the video with the media. Thus far, xenophobic incidents (in the employment context) in California aren’t as rampant.

But if, and when, something similar does occur, here’s what employers should know: California Employees Protected Under FEHA The California Fair Employment and Housing Act protects employees from discrimination, retaliation, harassment and bullying.

In fact, let's be honest: sometimes the expectations of consumers is so far beyond the pale that anything the company does to try to please them will be met with grumbles and complaints. They want their products or services to do what it says it will do - reliably.

Advise your employees that this is an acceptable request so they don't take it upon themselves to be your 'gatekeeper.' Several studies show that a typical business hears from only 4 percent of its customers that experienced an issue or concern.