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“In fact, I thought I almost grabbed John’s crotch at one point today.”, in which Sturridge plays wayward youngster Bobby, the assistant to John Goodman’s small-time criminal character Don Dubrow. In the scene we’re discussing, Sturridge stands opposite Goodman at the very front of the stage, physically hunched over, hands twisted inward.

The hand nearest the audience hovers by Goodman’s cardigan pocket and then very slowly, hesitantly, brushes his groin. I think I have a thing about grabbing all these crotches at tense moments...

This week, the stunning British actress was spotted strolling through the streets of Manhattan with the perfect companion - her adorable four-year-old daughter.

In fact, it appears the only thing that can out-chic the Big Apple was the pretty blonde and her doppelganger daughter. Sienna, 34, braved the cool fall weather with a thick wool coat, knitted pastel beanie, completed with cute shades.

I sometimes feel like it's a totally invented emotion."It's actually been the s--ttiest year, and amazing. I feel like if you're excelling in one area, it's hard to manage both and I do feel like the work is going really well.".

She tells me that “God or something” sent down the idea for Coba, an animated froyo topping, to lead a brand.… continue reading »

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